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    How to Survive this Christian-Hijacked Supercontrived Festive Event


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    How to Survive this Christian-Hijacked Supercontrived Festive Event

    Post  piskian on Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:32 am

    Firstly,get hold of the cheapest,crappest red wine possible.Then add as much pepper as edible,whether it be Tesco ground black pepper in a cardboard shaker,or a freshly grown and lovingly-tended Jalanpeno beauty,artisanly grated.
    Then pop in the biggest f@ck-off mug you can muster,pop in a microwave for 2 minutes,then breathe in fumes and imbibe as fast as you can.
    Whilst listening to this

    This'll get you a fair distance.
    Don't forget,a pet isn;t just for Xmas,with a bit of luck,you can make sandwiches with it til Easter.

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