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    Easier Pics/Video Posting!!!


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    Easier Pics/Video Posting!!! Empty Easier Pics/Video Posting!!!

    Post  GRAYMAN on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:52 am

    Oh yes. We might be technologically backwards but we're keen and have finally worked out how to sort an easier attachment tool. When posting scroll down and you'll see the following:

    Easier Pics/Video Posting!!! Untitl16

    Click CHOOSE FILE, browse for what you want and then click SUBMIT. You can attach all sorts of files. Be aware though, only logged in members of the forum can see/access what you attach. If you want images to be visible to the wider world then you need to do it the old way.



    "G" Custom Surfmats:
    G-Mar 13, AKA "Lucky". (70/70d, 3 pontoon with Vulkem Stippleback Grip)
    G-Mat 12, AKA "Geoffrey". (100x70/70d, 3 pontoon with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    G-Mat 11, AKA "Casper". (70/70d, 4 pontoons with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    G-Mat 10, AKA "Mr Hankey ". (70/70d, 4 pontoons with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    G-Mat 7, AKA "Kenneth". (70/70d, 3 pontoons with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    G-Mat 5, AKA "The Displexperiment". (200/70d, 4 pontoons with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    4GF Blue Streak Standard (S-FAHT Stippleback grip)
    Traditional Surfing Co "Da Bomb" Bellyboard
    "G" 9mm ply Narrow Guitar Pick Paipo, AKA "Sputnik"
    "G" 9mm ply Paipo, AKA "Jumbo-Belly-Girl"
    "G" 9mm ply Micro-Paipo/Jumbo-Handplane, AKA "The Traipo"

    Easier Pics/Video Posting!!! Untitl15

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