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    Film Festival - Anyone got some Mat Surf films out there?


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    Film Festival - Anyone got some Mat Surf films out there?

    Post  martin.jackson.3557 on Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:43 am

    Evening gents,

    My first post so I should introduce myself really, my name's MJ I'm a fan of freaky surf craft but have to admit not having got a mat...

    Yet. Some footage I saw having found this forum may change that though!

    I'm hoping that there might be some guys on here with mat surf films they've produced who might want to enter them into a mini surf film festival I'm putting together with the good folks at the Croyde Deck chair cinema. So if you're looking to get your film seen for the first time by an interested audience; who are probably going to be pretty hopped up on real ale, paella and BBQ food?! This might be the chance. Anyone know anyone who might want to get their film out there to a core surfer audience?

    It's all happening at the deckchair cinema in Croyde on the last weekend of August, Friday 31st of August to be precise.

    We're going to put together a showing of short films. We're planning on a big screen, a couple of hundred deckchairs and a bit of fun. I'm hoping that we might be able to drive a bit of interest from any film shooters out there who want to showcase something a bit different.

    Feel free to message me through this forum as I'm probably going to be lurking here quite a bit now, or to check out the face book page - you'll find it with a quick search under amplitude film festival, it'd be great to hear from any film makers out there or anyone interested in coming along to the show.

    I run a little surf shop online and am sponsoring the night,so there'll be prizes up for grabs for the winners from FCS fin and hardware packs through to a mini wardrobe of boardies, hoodies and T's from Fox Racing.

    Again I just want to say cheers and how cool I've found looking around the threads on the forum.



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