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    Who's this then???


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    Who's this then???

    Post  GRAYMAN on Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:35 am

    My money's on Surfmatt:



    "G" Custom Surfmats:
    G-Mar 13, AKA "Lucky". (70/70d, 3 pontoon with Vulkem Stippleback Grip)
    G-Mat 12, AKA "Geoffrey". (100x70/70d, 3 pontoon with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    G-Mat 11, AKA "Casper". (70/70d, 4 pontoons with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    G-Mat 10, AKA "Mr Hankey ". (70/70d, 4 pontoons with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    G-Mat 7, AKA "Kenneth". (70/70d, 3 pontoons with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    G-Mat 5, AKA "The Displexperiment". (200/70d, 4 pontoons with Vulkem Stippleback grip)
    4GF Blue Streak Standard (S-FAHT Stippleback grip)
    Traditional Surfing Co "Da Bomb" Bellyboard
    "G" 9mm ply Narrow Guitar Pick Paipo, AKA "Sputnik"
    "G" 9mm ply Paipo, AKA "Jumbo-Belly-Girl"
    "G" 9mm ply Micro-Paipo/Jumbo-Handplane, AKA "The Traipo"


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    whos this then again!

    Post  Adrian on Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:24 am

    Ok G, this is the second time you've said this about me!The first time I was the mystery man on a redback! {very early in my mat riding career}as you can see, things haven't improved much! Smile This is an attempt at riding the legendary udt, the ocean going liner of the 4gf fleet, an awful lot of mat, will pick up even the smallest ripple, great fun. There you are, a confession Smile hope that clears things up Shocked Sorry I missed you the other day, also missed Matt Embarassed

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